This section contains a series of LGBTQI themed videos in their original language, subtitled in Italian. This long task has committed us for many years and allows interested people to make use of translated materials and testimonies that are very difficult to obtain. All that is left for us to do is just wish you good viewing!


If you are married in Italy, you are also married in Europe

The “film” traces the story of Luca who lives in the municipality of “Ingiustolo” who “marries” a Spanish boy in Madrid because equal marriage is legal there. He then returns to Italy where the marriage is not recognized. Hence, absurdly, Luca’s decision to marry other boys in the various countries of the European Union arises, given that, according to the laws of the Bel Paese (Italy), he is still unmarried

Vorrei ma non posso. THE FILM

Vorrei ma non posso. It’s wedding time is the choral story of an awareness campaign on equal marriage; created in Torino thanks to the Quore Association and Queever, the campaign has achieved the participation and the convinced involvement of many people throughout the country.

The documentary makes the campaign’s demands its own and continues the story through the voice of the protagonists, in particular those of two couples who were joined in the symbolic wedding celebrated in Torino on Pride day 2012.

The emotions of the day, the political analysis, the comments and stories of many who are fighting in Italy for the conquest of civil rights give shape and rhythm to the documentary.


During the “Vorrei ma non posso” campaign, we toured Italy and took the opportunity to ask institutions, political figures and public figures what they thought of egalitarian marriage.


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