The project

TO HOUSING is the new social co-housing project in Torino that welcomes LGBTQI people  in difficulty and those in conditions of extreme vulnerability.

As the first experience with these characteristics in Italy, TO HOUSING can accommodate up to 24 guests in 5 ATC-owned apartments not destined for community housing lists.

The project was created in response to the housing emergency but also in order to activate social reintegration pathways, starting from a primary and fundamental need such as housing.

Young people who have been removed from their families of origin due to sexual orientation or gender identity will be welcomed, as well as homosexual migrants and refugees, LGBTIQ elderly in conditions of loneliness or poverty, transexual and transgender people.

Who is it for?

  • Young people removed from their families of origin due to sexual orientation or gender identity, as a response to the serious episodes of domestic violence, intolerance and homophobia that force them to leave their home and family network.
  • Homosexual migrants and refugees, who clearly need housing in safe and protected spaces where they can begin the process of integration, as demonstrated by the feedback from operators and institutions..
  • LGBTQI elderly in conditions of loneliness or poverty, vulnerable to marginalization and breakage from their families due to their sexual orientation, so that they can not only find a home but also a supportive and mutually helpful community.
  • Transexual and transgender people who are among those most discriminated against in the LGBTQI community;  many landlords refuse to rent their real estate to T people due to the prejudice that links transexuality to prostitution.


Thanks to an agreement with ATC (Torino Territorial Agency for Housing), the project starts its first phase with 5 housing units in Torino, capable of hosting up to a maximum of 24 people.


Networking with local authorities and associations guarantees the reporting of cases, and the important synergy between public and private bodies represents an important opportunity for growth and development for the project and for the territory in which it is located.


The moments of analysis and development of the guests’ skills will be handled by experienced job counsellors who, by means of targeted actions, will accompany them towards autonomy, both socially and regarding work, in order to complete the objective of the educational process.


Together with OFF TOPIC there will be moments of aggregation and recreation to harmonize the presence of the project within the neighbourhood and to create opportunities for exchange, as well as ways to reach mutuality between residents and neighbourhoods, in synergy with the “social concierge”.

How it works

The service can be accessed through reporting by the Social Services or by special agencies and realities as well as by the project partners.

You can also apply directly by writing to the special email address:

A welcoming team made up of educators, psychologists and social workers will examine the reports and carry out the first interview and assess the access of guests. The expected average stay of 8 months may possibly be extended in order to complete the process of helping the users become autonomous.

  • Reporting

    Each request is handled by one of our operators who collects the first data on the case.

  • Assessment

    The team of specialists analyses the request and assesses the application for access to the project.

  • Acceptance to the project

    If the application is valid and there are places available, the applicant is initiated into the project!


Our projects in support of the LGBTIQ are growing day by day thanks to the work of volunteers of the association but also thanks to your help! You can support our activities with a donation.